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I thought I would save some of the great comments made by some of the folks that have attended my workshops/talks.  Thank you!

I’ve had my gardening turned on its ear…new ideas introduced during Arrowsmith Organic Gardening talk you gave were compounded upon today..and I have a clearer direction of how to let the garden teach ME.(and I have some tools for sale!!!) SO glad we had sun blessing the new compost pile created, and the tornado only took out the neighbour’s tree!! thank-you Debra Contreras.  –  Joanne


Lots of incredible information provided that can only lead to more work for me! But in a good way. Many of these concepts are new to me and I now realize that I have been making compost in a very inefficient manner since the 80’s! My tea has had an increase in air bubbles and I now have plans to convert my mini-orchard from a bacterial biomass into more of a fungal biomass using some of the ideas shared. Thinking of dollar value, this was the best money I have spent in a long time – well done and I highly recommend that we all take this short course…  –  Alan

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