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Soil and Fertility Talk in Errington

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Feb 18, 2016

What a wonderful turnout for the Soil and Fertility talk at the beautiful War Memorial Hall in downtown Errington!

The hall was packed with like minded gardeners/growers with great ideas, lots of questions and an impatience to get started.

I gave a talk on ‘Microbes of the Soil’ (cause that is my favorite topic) and dropped a few ideas that may have wrinkled a few brows, but that is what an exchange of information and evolution is all about. Some of the beliefs that we all have about gardening are being challenged by scientists that are being forced to come up with answers given the global stressors.

I loved all the questions and enthusiasm relating to microbes. A few short years ago words like nematode, mycorrhizae, basidiomycetes were unheard of, while chatting around the seed rack at the local garden center.

Now people are embracing the ideas, methods and processes that will change how food is produced, landscapes are managed and products are developed.  We are no longer an uniformed group that spend great amounts of money on products and equipment to accomplish tasks that are best carried out by our microbes.

This is a great time to be a gardener!12715333_956730331058921_8797465445578188288_n

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