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I have Chlorinated water, what do I do??

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This is a real problem and in the world of microbes it is death!  So what is the solution?  For starters mulch, mulch, mulch. This will ensure that you will have to water far less than what you have been watering. Up to 80% less!   Now that you don’t need all the constant watering, some of the other water options become a lot more appealing such as rain barrels, rain water storage and ponds. If you must use the chlorinated water, it can be neutralized by adding humic acid. This can be purchased as a powder or it can be obtained by running the water through compost that is high in humic acid.

To determine if you have humic acid in a compost take 2 cups compost and run 16 cups of water through it. If the resulting water in a dark chocolate colour, you have humic acid.

So if you have a good compost you can put it in a mesh bag and passively run your water through it and the resulting water will have the chlorine neutralized and will have a good amount of humic acid in it for the bacteria,,, win win!

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