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Learning Center

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At our Learning Centre, located at 1024 Pillar Road in Qualicum Beach (see map), we offer:

  • information in the form of visuals
  •  workshops and talks for individuals and groups
  • hands-on microscope views of live soil organisms
  • identification charts to become familiar with your new tiny farm animals
  • demos of AACT brewer, compost extraction and compost building

Did you know…plants send requests for nutrients, in the form of juice, into the soil to attract specific organisms? The plant and the organisms then barter! The plant trades carbs and sugars for the nutrients and minerals that the organisms deliver. Amazing!

These organisms that were abundant long ago can be inoculated back into our soils and we can do that with a little knowledge and equipment. Actively Aerated Compost Tea is the one of the products that we used to accomplish this.

The Compost Tea brewer is the machine we use to make AACT (Actively Aerated Compost Tea) year round. The brewer runs 24 to 36 hours to make a single batch of Tea, all the while tumbling the desired aerobic organisms in a turbulent bath of air bubbles. When the process is complete the liquid, filled with its treasure, is applied to the landscape via sprayer or drenching.


  • are built using recipes of ingredients to obtain specific bacteria or fungi
  • are monitored and turned to keep the temperature at an optimum level
  • promote maximum organism grown and diversity
  • are used to make high quality AACT and extract

At each stage the Tea, Extract or Compost is analysed for quantity and quality of organisms. This ensures the desired inoculation of organisms will be achieved prior to application.


So much to learn!

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