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MICROBES are the natural topic for our first blog as our business revolves around them.


The microbes I refer to are the invisible creatures that go about their daily business beneath our feet, on every surface of every plant and in the soil that we strive so hard to make perfect. These microbes are nematodes, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. There are many different species of each, some being beneficial and some not so. They are the most plentiful creatures on the planet and we cannot survive without them. In one teaspoon of good soil there are approximately one billion bacteria, many yards of fungi hyphae, dozens of nematodes and thousands of protozoa!

Many of the common gardening practices that are accepted and encouraged today, including tilling, plowing, double-digging, liming, fertilizing, applications of pesticides/fungicides/herbicides, dormant oils and sprays, etc., directly affect the survival and functions of microbes.

Most gardeners are aware of the nutrient content and texture of their soils, the pH of their gardens, the amount of lime to apply to the lawn…. BUT do you know that your plants are constantly sending signals out from their roots asking for the nutrients they need? That the signals they send change throughout the day to attract different microbes that deliver specific nutrients in the most plant available form right to the rhizosphere? Well they do! They also control their own pH environment by the microbes they attract!
So what does this mean for the gardener? You don’t have to apply fertilizer, lime, or any other commercial product. Sounds too good to be true?


The science has been done and the information is available. We can show you what you need to do to have a bountiful, healthy, natural garden with a fraction of the work and dollar outlay. I have been exposing the myths of gardening for some time now and am amazed at how enjoyable and affordable gardening can be.

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