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Nature’s Wisdom


Nature’s Wisdom Learning Centre and SoilLife Lab is dedicated to teaching natural gardening in its simplest, most effective and inexpensive form, by employing the services of an infinite number of microscopic organisms.

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Healthy soil life ELIMINATES the need for:

  • rototilling, soil turning and weeding
  • application of expensive fertilizers and amendments
  • treatments for crop pests and pathogens
  • trips to the chiropractor (from all the back breaking work)


At Nature’s Wisdom, we can help you make this a reality!


Myth:  “Our soils have been depleted of nutrients, therefore our food is lacking”.

Truth:  After many years of exhaustive research, Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web states “Every soil on the planet has all of the nutrients necessary to make healthy, thriving plants. What is missing, however,are the soil organisms.”


At our lab we:

  • analyze your soil/compost to determine the quantity of organisms present
  • determine the diversity of soil life
  • identify undesirable species
  • report and explain our findings
  • make recommendations to optimize soil healt